My Sister Is  Me Too

Loving and Leaving a Narcissist

It’s not about us. Their issues demons are not a reflection on us. Notice all their relationships suffer or are estranged? We just happen to care and can’t imagine treating another person so badly, especially someone we love. So we hang in there. It’s time for self- preservation! It’s not selfish to put self first now and begin the healing.

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I just left exactly 24 hours ago. It’s an illness and I feel guilty for turning my back on anyone in need. This narcissist needs help that I am not equipped to give. Time for self healing.

Self-Preservation is not Selfish

Anyone with a caring heart can feel it’s selfish to put self before others. In fact, it’s the opposite. If our tank is empty, how can we help anyone else. So let’s keep our tanks full. Find time, No MAKE Time for self. Self-care is not Selfish; it is Self-Preservation!

We are Not Alone (WANA)

Hello Beautifuls! I am very grateful for the MSIM2 circle of kindred souls! Whenever I feel like giving up or that My Sister Is Me Too was a bad idea, one of you Beautifuls reach out with gratitude❤️, a testimony🤗, a word of encouragement 🥳, a prayer🙏🏽 , or a shoulder to cry 😢 on, that reminds me that I Am Not Alone; We are Not Alone; and My Sister is truly Me Too. We all have a story that connects us far more than what separates us❣️🙏🏽💕💚💞

Happy Birthday October TO Me!

I participated in the ThenandNowChallenge by sharing my spin on the then and now pics with MSIM2 Group. Notice the eyes truly tell the story!

Hiding Behind the Smile
Birth of the New Me

So when I get excited 🥳 about October, I am not only celebrating my day of birth, I am celebrating the Birth of the new ME. The free me; the I made it through the 🔥 ME!

After years of being guarded, silent, unable to trust, ashamed…you name it, I felt it, I finally realized I WAS NEVER ALONE. So one of my gifts to MSIM2 sisters in love this October is to continue to provide a space that reminds you — YOU ARE NEVER ALONE❣️ #MSIM2 #YANA

Happy Birthday To Me!

It’s my Birthday Month 🥳 and as we bring the last week of AFSP Virginia Beach Experience to a close, I find it fitting to share my story; my journey.

My gift 💝 to all of you this month is to share the reasons My Sister Is Me Too (MSIM2) exists❣️ Each day from now until my birthday – 10/18, I will share the 🧩 pieces 🧩of me.

I’ll begin by stating, the past few years have truly taught me the Power of Forgiveness ❣️ 💚💙❣️ #MSIM2 #YANA #BehindTheSmile

MSIM2 1st Annual School Supply Drive

Do You!

I am EXTRAordinary

Take Action and Get Involved with AFSP!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you for supporting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and joining the My Sister Is Me Too (MSM2) team.

I Do Not Have To Do It All!

Food for thought!?! How many of us have become super duper independent on steroids?

Ultra: going beyond what is usual or ordinary; excessive; extreme.

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in the group are opinions only and should not replace the advise of medical professionals.

Thoughtful Thursday!

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