You are Not Alone (YANA)

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For years I ignored God’s whisper, that little voice, that nudge, and the yearning deep in my gut that I was not fulfilling my purpose; not pursuing my passion.  

So, after years of being afraid to speak up, whether to challenge the status quo in the corporate workplace or standing up for myself in personal relationships, I finally decided to speak – to share my Story.   As I wrote my chapter – “Breaking Chains One Link at a Timein the #1 Best Seller – Unchain Me Mama: The Forgiveness Factor, I realized that I am not alone; I was never alone.  There are other women with similar stories and who may feel isolated and alone.   Hence the birth of My Sister Is Me Too.

My Sister Is Me Too (MSISIM2), is the place for My Sisters and Me to share our stories, network, and fellowship. The forum will serve as a safe zone where a diverse group of women are free to be authentic and own her TRUTH.


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