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Take Action and Get Involved with AFSP!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you for supporting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and joining the My Sister Is Me Too (MSM2) team.

I Do Not Have To Do It All!

Food for thought!?! How many of us have become super duper independent on steroids?

Ultra: going beyond what is usual or ordinary; excessive; extreme.

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in the group are opinions only and should not replace the advise of medical professionals.

Thoughtful Thursday!

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Thoughtful Thursdays

Welcome to Thoughtful Thursday series.

Today embarks the beginning of Anew. My new, your new, our new. What is your new?

First Step Forward

Some days are easier than others. The first step is the most important step of all. Today I take one step forward.

Escaping Narcissistic Abuse – Is There an Escape!

Rest in Paradise

Narcissistic Abuse Is Abuse!

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month